Born in Munich in 1981, half Austrian and half French, ZenTwO was raised between
the Middle East and Europe. This unlikely mixture led to the development of a particular
style between 2004 and 2008, with his partner in crime NATIVE who hails from a similar background.

ZenTwO combines calligraphy, illustration, and spontaneously dynamic paint drips.
His work leans towards the raw and finds expression in the uneven, in an attempt to access,
engage, and integrate rough emotions, feelings of depression, and a destabilizing aesthetic.

ZenTwO has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in Paris, Biarritz, Rome,
and New York. His work was featured in the ground-breaking graffiti show,
T.A.G., at the Grand Palais, Paris.
ZenTwO’s work can also be found in numerous urban art and calligraphy publications, including
400 ml, Arabesques, Arabesques 2, Sideways, Die Grenzen des Sagbaren,
Graffiti, Arabic Graffiti, Hand to Type
and The Sessions, their Manifesto published by DRAGO.

Inspired by the sociological work of his uncle, ZenTwO choose to focus on the theme
of ones identity quest, and later reversed the topic into “disidentification”, paintings and sculptures.
The medium becomes secondary, it will be chosen depending on the emotions attempted to reveal,
which leads also to installations or performances.

ZenTwO collaborates with artists of divers horizons, PPP (international Créatives collectif),
NATIVE (Artist), LK (Artist), Orphaned Land (Music Band),
Satya Sena (Music Band), Kati P. (Tattoo)